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Characteristics and Application about KEYING Abrasives Machining

Dec 20-2017

Abrasives have many varieties and specifications in domestic and foreign markets and have a wide range of application fields. Most practical applications are based on the choice of end users according to the field situation, we can't generalize. However, from the perspective of use methods, it is mainly divided into two types: one is manual use; The other is for machining.

Characteristics about coated abrasive machining

Abrasive Machining is a machining method to remove the excess layer on the working surface with the help of the cutting function of abrasive tools and make the surface quality of the workpiece meet the predetermined requirements①. It can be realized by the grinder, power tool, pneumatic tool, or hand tool. Abrasive Machining has a wide range of applications. It is usually used as a tool accessory in rough machining, finishing process, paint coating pretreatment, and finally obtain ideal machining accuracy and surface quality.

Coated abrasive machining working principle

Its working principle is cutting, grinding, and brightening through the abrasive particles coated on the abrasive under high-speed operation. It has the following unique advantages:

1. Elastic and soft are the biggest characteristics of coated abrasives. They can be folded, bent, wound, torn, and cut into strips, blocks, and other forms. These are to meet different processing requirements, make the use of products more convenient, and have a wider range of applications.

2. Products with Abrasive cloth(especially the flap wheel products) have high grinding force, less heat accumulation, fast heat dissipation, and are not easy to burn workpieces.

3. The abrasive has a high utilization rate and is not easy to be blocked. In the grinding process, the abrasive will be consumed synchronously with the workpiece material. The abrasive particles distributed on the abrasive surface can participate in the grinding evenly, which can not only be used to the greatest extent, but also the abrasive particle coating process allows the self-sharpening and synchronous consumption of the product to be reasonable, with large dust holding capacity, and is not easy to cause blockage.

4. All emery cloth products of KEYING do not need to be soaked, which can reduce the user's production action and production input cost. The quality and production process of abrasive effect the quality and application effect of the flap wheel. Our products can stably exert their grinding performance in the environment of continuous polishing without soaking, and do not produce a lot of dust.

5. KEYING's flap wheel can continuously polish and grind the workpiece, and can also handle the fine processing of workpiece with the complex surfaces, such as aero-engine compressor blade, steam turbine blade, gas turbine blade, inner side of valve body parts, concave and convex surface of groove body, navigation blade and various metal workpiece with arc surface. In addition, it can also polish all kinds of glass, mirrors, wood, musical instruments, gold, and jewelry.

6. KEYING flap wheel’s dynamic balance control and lean degree can give full play to its advantages in polishing automation and automatic line.

① Reference: Coated Abrasives and polishing technology, Zhengzhou University Press [2017]

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