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Mounted Flap Wheels

Mounted Flap Wheels

Mounted flap wheels, also known as spindle mounted flap wheels, are ideal for metal treatment such as smoothing, rust removal, cleaning, deburring, surface grinding, decorative grinding, and faceting, though they can also be applied to wood, plastic, fiberglass, or rubber. The abrasive flaps continually supply new abrasive minerals yet resist load accumulation.

The characteristics of the flap wheel as one of the abrasive tools are the basic components of its abrasive cloth and its bonding technology and the requirements of the application requirements.  Keying abrasive products consider the classifications and formulations of abrasives clothes, and prime resin bonds with strong, tough, and resilient as core elements to match users' application performance and finish requirements. Flap Wheels manufactured by keying Abrasives offer more options for different customers' needs,  with an advanced resin bonding system and premium abrasive clothes brands, multiple dimensions, and shank types customizing.

Types Of Mounted Flap Wheels

Features Of Mounted Flap Wheels

Features Of Mounted Flap Wheels
  • Fast and efficient grinding under a safe processing, Keying abrasive wheels focus on primier quality control of abrasive cloth and formula bonding technology, that to secure a flap wheel under the most safety processing environment meanwhile to improve a efficient grinding work. 

  • Good comprehensive grinding force, Keying flap wheels with spindle made by diffirent charactrizations of abraisve grains and abrasive formulation families, so that to meet the maximum working force on a specific workpice surface. 

  • Longer working duration, keying abraisives flap wheels are 2-3 times more durable by comparing with normal aluminium oxide abraisve clothes due to the straight raw materials supply chain managment including brands screening and quality inspections. 

  • Flexible, every single sliced flaps allow gaps in the middle, abrasive wheels allocate more flexibility during the processing so that reduce the cutting force and procetect the surfaces. 

Applications Of Mounted Flap Wheels

First Applications Of Mounted Flap Wheels

Evenly removes the surface layer of various materials by lightly grinding, deburring, graining, or scaling flat or contoured surfaces, fexible flaps makes it ideal for smoothing flat, curved surfaces, and inner holes.

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Second Applications Of Mounted Flap Wheels

Used with power drills, straight die grinders, air tools, or other equipments under suggested roatationg speed.

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Third Applications Of Mounted Flap Wheels

Smaller mounted flap wheels work particularly well in grinding, polishing, cleaning or welding the surfaces of small or difficult to reach areas, such as tubes and narrow curves.

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Forth Applications Of Mounted Flap Wheels

Wide range of grit sizes (from 40# to 600#), diamter from 10mm to 100mm; shanks: 3mm, 1/8'', 6mm, 1/4'', 8mm, six-hexegon 6mm, threaded shank (shaft), extra-short/extra-long shank for diffirent perfomance results.

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Fifth Applications Of Mounted Flap Wheels

Grit materials: standard aluminium oxide, standard aluminium oxide, Zirconia, silicon carbide, Ceramic and Aluminimiu oxide combined mounted flap wheels are designed to work with tools like power drills and straight die grinders. These flap wheels for drills and grinders have the abrasive flaps attached to a straight spindle in the center that easily attaches to your power tool. It mainly used for industries of machining, hardware parts, cast parts, car accessories, aviation production, motor production, shipbuilding and other fine polishing industries.

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Sixth Applications Of Mounted Flap Wheels

The alternative would be an unmounted flap wheel (Keying's first and core product) which is usually super flexible and has an arbor hole in the center with fast change function.

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Grit and Application Guide Of Mounted Flap Wheels

Grit and Application Guide Of Mounted Flap Wheels

Quality Promises & After-sale Service Of Our Mounted Flap Wheels

Keying is confident and proud to offer products made in China within primer quality. All products manufacturer by Keying Abrasives offer cutting edge quality by controlling the best resources, accurancy and industrial processing standard.  Keying has make effort to provide cutomers quality products at afordable prices  for dozon years. We continuselly to supply the best serve and abrasive tool products selection in the industry. ALL Mounted flap wheel made by Keying are warrantied and the coverage is valid only on recomanded instructions applications guidelines. The standard warranties including replacement and refound in 30 working days ( will need consider order quantity). 


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