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Automotive manufacturers are accountable for producing a high volume of parts within extremly high precision for form and finish tolerances. In this case,  KEYING have received enquiries that about the abrasive tools must in high degree of accuracy so that to avoid the surface and metal damage caused by grinding and polishing processing.

Automotive powertrain components

Both in the processing of inter diameter(ID) to outer diameter (OD) grinding, you will find some KEYING abrasive tools will fit your needs, especially for small parts and components treatment. What we can do is to provide different ranges of flap wheels, moutned points, rubber points, flap discs, abrasive discs through features such as abrasive material customization, spindles customization, and tools shape customization etc. Talk to KEYING for a custom recommendation for your needs, you won’t miss the solutions.

Automotive body

Grinding and Coarse sanding probably is the most applied purpose in automotive body treatment. Once the car get a damage, the first step usually is to remove the trim parts and cut off any damaged panels or parts, afterwards to have clean of welding, braising or bonding, by depending on he size of the repair and the accessibility area, you would choose different types, diameters and grits of abrasives, for example cutting discs, flap discs, trip removers, flap wheels etc. When it comes to paintshop, key for the processess is to align the quality requirements, for paint and rust remover and pre-painting treatment and shinning in the end, we would like to introduce Keying sandpaper disc, PSA discs, non-woven discs and wool discs to help achieve a faster and high quality finish, saving overall time and costs..

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