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Matt Finishing

Matt Finishing

In metal working, you want to make sure every edge and burr is clean and flat to get the highest value from your workpiece. KEYING deburring and fillet solutions allow you to quickly remove any sharp spots or burn marks that may be left after stamping, cutting or machining metal parts. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes and coarse grains to ensure you find the right abrasive for your needs and help you achieve the best possible job results.

Types Of Matt Finishing

Features Of Matt Finishing

Features Of Matt Finishing
  • Matte and smooth effect on metal and other products fabrication, it is idea for to deliver a surface treatment to meet the requiremnt of coating matt and smooth, micro-texured subtle look and show a little-to-no sheen, for luxirious apprearance and long lasting stock. By applying the coated abrasives products by acattering the lighting in many directions and methods.

Applications Of Matt Finishing

Applications Of Matt Finishing Abrasives

Grit and Application Guide Of Matt Finishing

Grit And Application Guide Of Matt Finishing Abrasives

Matt Finishing Abrasives

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