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Wool Polishing and Finishing

Wool Polishing And Finishing

Keying wool Polishing and Finishing, the raw materials of steel wool chrome polish are mainly imported wool from Australia. The main types are hard felt buffing wheel, wool Felt points and felt polishing flap disc, which are mainly used in high-precision processing and abrasives china manufacturing industries such as machining, hardware, casting, auto parts, aviation, motor vehicles, and ships. It is especially suitable for cleaning the surface of non-ferrous metals, metals, steel, stainless steel and other products and the cleaning treatment of concave and convex inner grooves. The main use is in the final step of polishing and polishing, and the cleanliness can achieve a mirror effect.

Types Of Wool Polishing And Finishing

Features Of Wool Polishing and Finishing

Features Of Wool Polishing and Finishing
  • Strictly Control Wool Quality

  • Ensure that the Workpiece is not Injured

  • Super Quality

  • Nickel Plated Handle

  • No Rust and Discoloration

  • The Material is More Stable

  • Durable Wear Resistance

  • Drawings and Samples can be Customized

  • Complete Specifications/Shapes

Applications Of Wool Polishing and Finishing

Made of pure wool

Made from new fine-grained wool.

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Wool is evenly distributed and elastic

Suitable for most metals, fine polished jade

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Complete specifications

Greatly improve work efficiency and production efficiency

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