Mirror Finishing

Mirror Finishing

Mirror Finishing is the highest level of metal cutting and the most effective means to improve the service life of mechanical components. Mirror surface is traditionally synonymous with very good roughness after processing, which can clearly reflect the metal surface of the image.

Types Of Mirror Finishing

Features Of Mirror Finishing

Features Of Mirror Finishing
  • Mirror polishing is usally focus on very shinning solution. It should usally use polishing pastes for pre-polishing and high-gloss polishing on medium to large components. Such as oil stone, sandpaper disc, felt polishing wheels, felt points and polishing bobs.

Applications Of Mirror Finishing


Mirror looking polishing is a polishing method to obtain a smooth surface by grinding and plastic deformation of the material surface to remove the convex part after polishing, it is widely apply to metal, glass, 3C, car fabrications.


Generally products oilstone strips, wool wheels, sandpaper, etc. are mainly used for manual operation. For special parts such as swivel surface, turntable and other auxiliary tools can be used.


The method of ultra precision grinding and polishing can be adopted if the surface quality is required to be high. Ultra precision lapping and polishing adopts special abrasive tools, which are tightly pressed in the lapping and polishing liquid containing abrasive.


The workpiece rotates at high speed on the machined surface. Using this technology can reach Ra0 008 μ M surface roughness, is a variety of polishing methods, this method is often used in optical lens mould.

Grit and Application Guide Of Mirror Finishing

Grit And Application Guide Of Mirror Finishing Abrasives

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