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Paint Removal Grinding Wheel

KEYING Strip & grinding wheel paint removal were designed to help operators tackle tough metalworking challenges: think paint prep and coating and corrosion removal. When removing unwanted contaminants and stubborn imperfections – or smoothing a rough surface – it's a good idea to have a load-resistant, sharp-cutting abrasive paint removal grinding wheel on hand.

High-efficiency poly strip such as the paint removal angle grinder attachment provides a burr-free surface suitable for painting or coating, mainly used in automobile repair, and concrete workpiece polishing.

Types Of Ginder Paint Remover

Grinder Paint Remover Features

Grinder Paint Remover Features
  • Premium Quality:

    Abrasives are made of polyurethane coated nylon cord, impregnated with silicon carbide. Open mesh design does not clog and a durable resin coating on a tough nylon mesh ensures long life.

  • Smooth Surface:

    Poly strip paint removal grinding wheel will not damage the surface of the object, and easily and quickly remove rust, paint, scale and oxides.

  • Wide application:

    The angle grinder paint removal can be used for grinding and polishing the surface of steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, fiber products, wood, stone, concrete, etc

Grinder Paint Remover Features Applications

Abrasive Grains

The grinding wheel paint removal can remove heavy coatings and simultaneously scratch and clean to the bare metal underneath without leaving divots.

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Non-Woven Nylon Fiber and Resin Bond

The resin bond strengthens the fiber web and allows it to gradually break down toreveal new fibers and sharp mineral — delivering a consistent cut over the life of theabrasive.

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Open Web

The combination of fiber strands, resin and abrasive grains forms a thick, open web.Gaps in the web allow swarf to escape, minimizing loading of the abrasive.

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