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Abrasive Cloth Flap Disc

Abrasive flap disc from Keying Abrasives can suppot operator a fast processing of grinding and finishing.  It includes T27(flat), T29(conical), high density type, vertical type,  fibreglass, plastic and 75mm backing for indurtrial and civilian use purpose, especially for cutting grinding and polishing.  Every unique design of the flap disc would apply to diffirent workparts shape and fabrication apllications.

Abrasive Cloth Flap Disc

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    Oil Stone

    Working Principle of Abrasive Cloth Flap Disc

    Aluminium oxide is widely used as an abrasive, it is used for its hardness, resistance and strength, fused aluminium oxide-coated flap discs are widely applied in metal treatment. 

    It is a mix of Zirconia and aluminium Oxide, the flap disc is fast processing speed, high purity and high-temperature resistance. It can be applied in glass and metal lapping, grinding and polishing. 

    Zirconia material is welcomed as it remains aggressive and heat-resistant. The price-performance capacity is good for universal applications, especially suitable for surface sanding and welding blending of hard materials、stainless steel, carbon Steel、 alloyed Steels、stainless steel、 sheet metal、 heat treated steels、 cast iron、high speed and tool steels  、Non-Ferrous metals.

    This material is enhanced by self-sharpening, aggressive cutting capacity and grinding additives, good for heat resistance, finally achieving optimum stock removal rates and maximum performance. Ideal for surface grinding, bevelling, deburring and welding processes. Good choice for titanium alloys and high-alloy and stainless steel. 

    It contains many of the types of abrasive grains adhered to fibre, the formula of abrasives can be silicon carbide, or aluminium oxide which are sharp, fast cutting and heat resistant. Aluminium oxide non-woven flap disc is perfect for metal, wood and stone finishing. 

    Videos / Image Gallery Of Abrasive Cloth Flap Disc

    Videos / Image Gallery Of Abrasive Cloth Flap Disc

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