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Curved Flap Disc

curved flap disc

The curved edge flap disc allows for more aggressive cutting action, making this option ideal for stock removal and faster cutting on flats or contours. Use only high-quality grains and backing material for our round edge flap disc. Provide a high removal rate and decent life on steel.

Shape Chart of Curved Edge Flap Disc

Shape Chart of Round Edge Flap Disc

Specification of Curved Edge Flap Disc:

▶ Type: Curved Flap Disc

▶ Max. RPM: 8500~15300 RPM

▶ Back Material: Fiber

▶ Diameter: 100mm/115mm/125mm/150mm/180mm

▶ Raw Materials: Aluminum Oxide (AO), Zirconia Blue (ZB), Zirconia Green (ZG), Ceramic (C), SCM

▶ Grit Size: 36#~600#

Curved Edge Flap Disc Materials that can be worked:

▶ Stainless steel (INOX)

▶ Steel


▶ Deburring

▶ Chamfering

▶ Work on edges

▶ Weld dressing

▶ Work on fillet welds

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