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Sanding Cartridge Rolls Range

Sanding Cartridge Rolls Range

Sandpaper cartridge rolls also have a multi-layer coiled construction and expose sharp new cutting abrasive as each layer wears. Their shape is ideal for finishing operations, irregular concaves, contours, dead-end holes and channels. They also help with deburring, blending tool mark removal and flash removal with other abrasive products.

Sandpaper cartridge rolls are also designed to break down during use revealing the next layer of abrasive. The backing cloth is always cotton. Because the product is designed to break down, sanding cartridge rolls are rarely manufactured with technical grains such as ceramic.

Types Of Abrasive Cartridge Rolls Range

Features Of Sanding Cartridge Rolls Range

Features Of Sanding Cartridge Rolls Range
  • Small size is ideal for sanding and finishing hard-to-reach spaces

  • Cloth backing supports heavy sanding yet frays to expose fresh abrasive

  • Sandpaper cartridge rolls's resin bond withstands high heat and pressure 

  • Aluminum oxide abrasive in a closed-coat layer provides fast cut and long life

  • Sanding cartridge rolls attach to a compatible cartridge roll mandrel

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