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Metal Fabrication

Products for the Metal Fabrication Industry

KEYING products are specifically focus on the performance capacity, safety and efficiency. In metal fabrication industry, the products are emphasize on long tools life and maximum aggressiveness loading progress in grinding, welding, cleansing, polishing and finishing. The target for keying is not only to produce abrasive tools for metal treatments, that also support our partners to have their value to expand the markets and develop the service to help out customer to gain the competitiveness, therefore Keying sales team is accountable to ensure introduce the most appropriate products, produce the primier quality abrasive tools for metal fabrication industry using and also OEM labels also is welcomed.

High-quality abrasives for every production stage

At KEYING, we understand that the applictaion in metal fabrication industry is various and products would depends on customers needs. Our mission is always to maintain the price for customers, meanwhile to control a good quality, develop the cost-effectiveness, and with fast grinding solutions. Keying manufacture progressing is continually in developing high technology equipments and software system to manage a scientific and effective outputs. Strict quality inspection and Japan imported production standards and progressing are key point to guarantee you have the high quality and competitive products.

Various advantages of KEYING products

  • Our abrasives material offer different levels of performance, so you can choose products that get the job done quickly.

  • Our products are designed and manufactured to exacting standards to provide consistent performance you can count on.

  • We have a wide range of products so you can find the best size or type for your job, whether you're cutting, grinding, cleaning or finishing.

  • We also offer a range of specialized abrasives designed for specific applications such as stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

How our products provide advantages

Increase productivity and a more productive work environment with KEYING abrasives. We manufacture high-quality grinding and polishing abrasives and further enhance our services to help you become:

  • Faster: Our products deliver optimal performance

  • Safer: We have developed the safety program to help improve the safety concerns.

  • efficiency: To layout applicable use recommendations to adjust end users application methods so that to help improve the efficiency.

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