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Non-woven Flap Wheel (Jumbo Size)

KEYING  Non-woven Flap Wheel (Jumbo Size) is made of radially arranged flaps of non-woven abrasive material. Long tool life is achieved through the dense packing of the flaps. The non woven buffing wheel material is arranged in multiple radial flaps, with abrasive cloth interlayers. This flap structure facilitates improved stock removal and achieves a coarser surface finish.

Non-woven Flap Wheel (Jumbo Size)

Grit Size

AC , C, M, F, VF, UF, SUF

Raw Material

Non woven fabrics imported fromEurope---aluminum oxide

Types Of Non-woven Flap Wheel (Jumbo Size)

By Shape

By Material

By Size

    Oil Stone

    Working Principle of Non-woven Flap Wheel (Jumbo Size)

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