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Concrete Sanding Pads for Orbital Sander

KEYING Abrasives offers an orbital sander concrete pads line of application for the building fitting works and construction markets, the wide variety of applications involving sets of power tools and abrasives materials, and orbital concrete sanding pads product properties that Keying Abrasives can supply include flap discs, grinding wheels, sandpaper and abrasive disc, fibre discs, PSA coating and paper discs, flap wheels, spiral band holder non-woven flap wheels, rubber mounted point and so on.

The orbital sander pads for concrete products designed to heavy-duty applications, and smart for fast change, as like fast change discs(roloc discs), the key elements are focus on efficient sanding, grinding and blending, so that you can get the work done quicker.

Flooring Abrasive with Concrete Sanding Pads and Concrete Sanding Wheel

Apply area of KEYING china abrasives orbital sander concrete pads include:

  • Commercial roofing

  • Repair and restoration

  • Flooring installation

  • Mirror mastic

  • Plywood compasing

  • Windows installation

  • Wood and composites shaping and polishing

concrete sanding pads for orbital sander


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