Felt Flap Discs

felt flap discs
felt flap discs

Felt Flap Discs is specially designed for mirror finishing & polishing requirements.

It's different like normal flap discs and the disc's density can be 2.0g/cm3 to 8.0g/cm3 which provide cooler & flexible polishing performance.

The felt flap disc can be used to eliminate scratches and brighten the surface. It can also be used as one of the combined polishing wheels to eliminate scratches on shallow surfaces. It can be used with polishing powder coolant.

Specifications of Felt Flap Discs


·Polishing And   Mirror Finishing

·Marble Polishing

·Hardware Work Piece Mirror Polishing

·Cleaning The Surface Of Non-Ferrous Metal

·Polish In The Last Step Of The Process, Cleanliness Can Achieve Mirror Effect.

BrandKEYINGCommodity CodeYDFLT2710016+Grit
Compatible   ToolAngle Grinder
Cordless Angle Grinder
Country Of OriginChinaRaw MaterialHigh Quality Wool mported From Australia
BackingFibre PlasticFor Use OnGlass
Stainless Steel
Non-ferrous Metal
Aluminum Alloy Products
GradeMedium Soft
Medium Hard
Diameter   Metric4"/4.5"/5"IndustriesMachinery Processing, Hardware, Casting, Auto Parts, Aviation, High-Speed Train, Ship And Other High Precision Processing And Manufacturing IndustriesHole Diameter16mm/22mm
Maximum RPM7700-10000Using EffectFine Polishing Mirror EffectStandard Pack   Quantity10pcs

Table of Felt Flap Discs

Table of Felt Flap Discs

Table of Felt Flap Discs

Table of Felt Flap Discs

Table of Felt Flap Discs

Features of Felt Flap Discs

  • Felt materials can make of different densities,  thicknesses, and hardness,  with fiber-glass backing or plastic backing.

  • A firmer version is suggested to polish fat components and prepare for finer processing.

  • The softer version is more suitable for more gloss and shining surfaces.

  • Three different shapes allow the felt discs to apply to complicated geometries.

Felt Flap Discs Applicable Industries

Applicable Industries

  • Polishing and mirror finishing

  • Marble polishing

  • Hardware work piece mirror polishing

  • Cleaning the surface of non-ferrous metal

  • Polish in the last step of the process, cleanliness can achieve mirror effAect.

Felt Flap Discs Applicable Industries

Recommendations for Use

  • For best performance, use with a recommended cutting speed of 5–10 m/s. This provides an ideal compromise between stock removal rate, surface quality, thermal load on the work piece and tool wear.

  • Felt points and discs:

  • Use diamond polishing pastes and polishing paste bars.

  • Use polishing and grinding pastes.

  • When changing the polishing paste, use a brand-new polishing tool.

Felt Flap Discs Applicable Industries

Matching Tool Drives

  • Angle grinder

  • Cordless angle grinder

Felt Flap Discs Applicable Industries

Safety Instructions of Felt Flap Discs

How To Felt Flap Discs


Safety Instructions of Felt Flap Discs

Safety Warning:

The clamping lenght between shank and grinders should be more than 15mm.

Never exceed the maximum safe speed when the shank is extra long. Try to consult your sales to check the safety rotating speed before use.

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