Felt Polishing Wheels

KEYING wool hard felt polishing buffing wheel combined with polishing paste is used for pre-polishing and high-gloss polishing to work accurately in hard-to-reach places. The main use of wool felt polishing wheel is to hard type of workpiece for pre-polishing processing, soft type of workpiece for high-gloss polishing processing, finishing all the workpiece polishing, if you need very fine mirror effect of steel wool chrome polish, you can choose with grinding paste for repeated polishing.

Felt Polishing Wheels


Medium Soft, Medium Hard

Raw Material

High quality wool imported from Australia



Applicable Tools

Electric, Pneumatic tools, Electric mill, Manipulator and other tools

Types Of Wool Felt Buffing Wheel

By Shape

By Material

By Size

    Oil Stone

    Working Principle of Wool Felt Polishing Wheels

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