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Size :1 3/16 Inch (30mm)

Keying 1 3/16 inch Abrasive discs.

Size :1 3/16 Inch (30mm)

What tools can 1 3/16 Inch SCM Quick Change Disc usually apply with?

-Backing pads

Types Of 1 3/16 Inch Abrasive Discs

1 3/16 Inch Roloc Surface Condition Disc
1 3/16 Inch Roloc Surface Condition Disc

Keying 1 inch Abrasive discs inluding Quick Roloc Surface Condition Disc Disc, Roloc Abrasive Disc, Self-adhensive Discs.What tools can 1 Inch abraisve discs uselly apply with?-Backing pads

Oil Stone

Working Principle

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