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Miniature Unmounted Flap Wheel 5/16inch

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KEYING Miniature Unmounted Flap Wheels are characterized by high elasticity, high performance, strong grinding force. Our Unmounted Flap Wheel is characterized by the ability to fit with different materials and irregular surfaces without dead angles, flexible surface contact, processing application feel is more elastic than the Flap Wheel and effortlessly. Our Standard Unmounted Flap Wheel can meet the needs of most customers.

  • Mainly used in mechanical processing, hardware, casting, auto parts, aviation, high-speed train, shipbuilding and other early and fine processing industries.

  • Especially suitable for Steel, Cast steel, Stainless, steel (INOX), Non-ferrous metals, Cast iron, Plastics and other materials.

  • Unmounted Flap Wheel is a kind of abrasive abrasive wheel in the head can be replaced, and the biggest difference with the handle wheel is that the head can be manually removed, without frequent replacement of the supporting tool chuck rod.

Specifications of Flap Sanding Wheel Head 5/16inch


·Stainless Steel


·Non-Ferrous Metal

·Aluminum Alloy Products

·Cast Iron, Etc

BrandKEYINGCommodity Code
Compatible Tool

Electric Tool

Pneumatic Tool

Electric Mill

Manipulator And Other Tools

Country Of OriginChinaRaw MaterialAluminium Oxide
Silicon Carbide
Inner Hole Size3mmFor Use On

·Metal Surface Treatment



·Cleaning Welding Scar

·Cleaning Coating


·Painting Removingand Pre-Treatment.

Grit Size180#, 240#, 320#, 600#
Outside Diameter Range8mmIndustries

·Mechanical Processing



·Auto Parts


·High-Speed Train

·Ship Building

·Other Early And Fine Processing Industries

Cloth BaseDomestic Abrasive Clothes
    lmported Abrasive Clothes
Maximum RPM20000ShapeStandardStandard Pack Quantity100pcs

Micro-Mini Unmounted Flap Wheel 5/16inch Applicable Industries

Applicable Industries

  • Mechanical processing

  • Hardware

  • Casting

  • Auto parts

  • Aviation

  • High-speed train

  • Ship building

  • Other early and fine processing industries

  • Matching tool drives

  • Electric tools

  • Pneumatic tools

  • Electric mill

  • Manipulator and other tools

Micro-Mini Unmounted Flap Wheel 5/16inch Applicable Industries

Product Instructions

Soaked in hot water above 60 degrees for 2-3 minutes before use, so that the emery cloth is fully damp. In the process of grinding, the dust is not only small, the emery cloth will not produce the phenomenon of fragmentation, but also can improve the service life, thereby reducing the loss and reducing the cost. Pay attention to the positive and negative directions when clamping, idling for 1 minute before use.

Micro-Mini Unmounted Flap Wheel 5/16inch Applicable Industries
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