Non-woven Flap Disc (Full)

KEYING  Non-woven Flap Disc (Full) uses this fine-grained blend for cleaning applications. Bonded by a durable resin and mesh, this disc wears evenly and continuously grinds out a high-quality alumina granular abrasive to maintain consistent grinding. Because of the dense composition of the non woven buffing wheel , it has a long service life, which makes it especially suitable for surface work.

Non-woven Flap Disc (Full)

Grit Size

AC, C, M, F, VF, UF, SUF

Raw Material

Non woven fabrics imported fromEurope---aluminum oxide

Types Of Non-woven Flap Disc (Full)

By Shape

By Material

By Size

    Oil Stone

    Working Principle of Non-woven Flap Disc (Full)

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