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Oil Stone - Cuboid (CI)

oil stone cuboid ci

For the best blend of cut rate and finish, choose the KEYING Oil Stone, which are ideal for cleaning acute angles in dies and molds and stoning geometric chasers and sewing machine feeds. Choose the coarse grit to quickly restore edges, the medium grit for general edge sharpening needs, and the fine grit for the sharpest edges.

Shape Chart of Oil Stone - Cuboid(CI)

Shape Chart of Oil Stone - Cuboid(CI)

Table of Oil Stone - Cuboid(CI)


Specification of Oil Stone - Cuboid(CI):

  • Length: 150mm

  • Shape: Cuboid

  • Raw Materials: Brown Fused Alumina (A)/White Fused Alumina (WA)/Microcrystalline Fused Alumina (MA)/Single Crystal Corundum (SA)/Black Corundum (BA)/Green Silicon Carbide (GC)/Chrome Corundum (PA)/Zircon Corundum (ZA)/Black Silicon Carbide (C)

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