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Shipment and Delivery

1.1. China Local Delivery

1.1.1. Local Collect

  • You will need to provide your address and we will send items to your nearest logistic drop-off points in the mainland of China, you can go and pick up the parcel freely when you are available (5-7 working days, usually free-charge in 3-5 days for stock).

1.1.2.Door to Door in China

  • Local express delivery will cost 1-3 working days, depending on the consignee address distance.

  • Local express delivery will cost 1-3 working days, depending on the consignee address distance.

1.1.3.Track your parcel

  • The tracking information will upgrade by the logistic company, you may find the details through the logistic website.

  • If your phone number is registered as the consignee's number, you may find details through your Wechat or Alipay.

1.1.4.Flexible delivery options

  • You need never worry about shipping an alternative place and missed parcel ever again, with the following available with delivery.

-Delivery to your business partner in china

-Delivery to your local warehouse

-Collect from a local pickup store

-Shop in our overseas online store and ship to you directly from your country

1.2. Deliver to Ports in China

1.2.1. Which domestic ports?

  • Ship to Ningbo Port, Shanghai Port, Lianyungang Port

1.2.2. How can I arrange a shipment?

  • 1. If you don't have any experience ordering products directly from China. We suggest you order via FOB or CIF or DPD

  • 2. If you are familiar with international trade. Look and find our products and get a packaging list from us and consult with your local logistic agency.

1.3. International Delivery

1.3.1. Can you ship to my address in my country?

  • Yes, items can ship to your country directly and you will only need to provide us with your postcode and address. Various shipment methods will available for you to choose from.

1.3.2. Epidemicsituation

  • We continue to deliver to over 50 countries at this time, but the delivery leading time will depend due to coronavirus. For future information, please contact us Customer Services Team via email or call +86(0)576-86711667

1.4. Packing and quantity before shipment

1.4.1. How are the goods packed and how many pcs per package?

  • We rely on OEM orders as the mainline, so in addition to Neutral Package (White Recyclable Box), the packaging style can be customized according to customer requirements. The packaging style depends on the product type and dimensions. For specific requirements, please contact us at or scan the code and add our global sales customers

1.5. Logistics Freight

1.5.1. How much is the express fee? Is the price including the freight fee? And which express do you have?

  • We have many ways of logistics, including sea freight, air freight, and international express. We often cooperate with DHL, FedEx, TNT, Global EMS, or other third parties freighters.

1.6. The date of delivery

1.6.1. Are the goods in stock and how long is your delivery time?

  • The products of OME need to be produced by order. All conventional products have small batch stock. If you place an order, please contact us at

Minimum Order Quantity

2.1. MOQ of goods

2.1.1. What is the minimum quantity of order?

• Each series has a different minimum order quantity, we will inform you of the minimum order quantity according to your order requirements.

Sizes and Grits

3.1. Size of Goods

3.1.1 What is the volume and weight of the goods?

• The volume and weight will be sent to you one week before the shipment. Please refer to the Packaging List


4.1. Selection of samples

4.1.1. Can you provide samples for testing first?

• We are pleased to provide you with samples for testing

• Spot samples will provide you with free samples for later testing

According to your sample, we will make the same samples for you to provide you with the test, we may charge a certain sample fee according to the actual production difficulty and cost.

Technical Support

5.1. Suggestions for use

6.1.1. What is the safe speed of the product?

• Please check out our usual rotation speed suggestion sheet. For more information, please consult our pre-sales consultant. (

5.2. Safety certification

5.2.1. Do you have any certified for safety?

• ISO9001

5.3. Sample copies

5.3.1. Do you have a catalog for reference?

• Yes, please go to our download center.

5.4. Method of payment

5.4.1. Which payment methods are available?

• Support T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, AliPay, etc

5.5. Product introduction

5.5.1. What are the main products of this factory?

• KEYING Abrasive main products are Mounted Flap Wheel, Unmounted Flap Wheel, Mounted Points, Wool products, non-woven products, Strip Removers, and these products support non-standard customization.

5.5.2. What are the areas the product can polish?

KEYING Abrasive products are mainly used for processing the surface, inner hole, corner, fine seam, and interface of machinable materials: grinding, polishing, brightening, and so on. Grinding and polishing is a relatively complex processing process, mainly according to the user of the workpiece processing results have standard requirements, micro grinding, polishing. It is required to modify the processed surface to remove the burr, welding scar, uneven parts, and difficult coating on the surface of the workpiece, so as to obtain a smooth surface with high precision and high quality or a surface with regular lines.

5.5.3. Can you send a link to see the details?

• Please visit our download center to download the full range of product manuals or product center to learn more about us. Please contact us or call +86 (0) 576 86711667 if you did not get the information you wanted.


6.1. The invoice

6.1.1. Is your invoice a VAT invoice? How much amount can make out an invoice?

• Invoice is Tax exclude

6.2. Product quality

6.2.1. Is there an after-sales system? Is the quality guaranteed?

•  We provide a complete after-sales service system with genuine quality assurance.

6.3. Returns and refunds

6.3.1. About returns and refunds

• If all products have quality problems, return and exchange are supported. All conventional products can be replaced with the same or other equivalent products without affecting the secondary sales; Customized products cannot be returned or exchanged without quality problems.

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