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Non-woven Polishing Range

Non-woven Polishing Range

The Non-Woven Polishing Range is for masking marks operations and decretive operations with stock removal capacity. 

They are mainly working for matte and satin-finish of a variety of workpiece surface, it finally comes out the different design of surfaces structures and roughness levels which will depend on the hardness grits and abrasive tools appearance designs. For more bulk abrasives for sale at competitive prcie, click here.

Types Of Non-woven Polishing Range

Features Of Non-Wowen Polishing Range

Features Of Non-Wowen Polishing Range
  • Long polishing lifespan

  • Reduces Burn Mark on the articles by its own Air-Cooling action

  • Reliable safety at high speed is obtained from careful measurement and adjustment for well-balanced.

  • Strong grinding force, KEYING Non-Woven Polishing Range consists of multiple longitudinal pleats with abrasive cloth in between. This flap construction helps improve stock removal and achieve a rougher surface finish.

  • High flexibility, KEYING Non-Woven Polishing Range can be optimally adapted to the profile, low thermal load polishing repair, and no tool clogs due to the high flexibility of open structure and nonwoven material.

Raw Material Grit Size Class Table of Non-woven Polishing Range

Raw Material Grit Size Class Table Of Non-Woven Polishing Range

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