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Cylinder Head Grinding Machine

KEYING cylinder head grinding machine for sale has a variety of specifications and granularity, and accepts non-standard size customization, including diameter, handle diameter, material, handle length, and so on. This product has a variety of specifications and granularity and accepts non-standard size grinding mounted points customization, and ranges including height, aperture, material, handle length, etc. This series of products are composed of special abrasive particles and original rubber, which is also a three-in-one polishing cylinder head grinder, polishing, and cleaning, with the rubber mounted point grinding wheel, the elasticity is smaller, the density is higher, the hardness is higher, more suitable for the rough, dirty metal, aluminum alloy and other surfaces for dusting, removing barbs, and welding interface and another uneven surface of the initial polishing. Efficient cylinder head grinding machine not only burnishes a rough surface, it also doesn't burn parts or cause discoloration.

Grinding Head Z

Raw Material

Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide

Grit Size

80#120#, 180#


Cylinder, Conical, T-Type

Shank diameter    

2.35mm, 3mm, 6mm, 3.175mm, 6.35mm

Handle length

30mm, 35mm (other sizes can be customized)

Hardness of grinding head

High elastic grinding head, adjustable hardness (customizable).


t is mainly used for edge honing of carbide tools to remove fine burr from various materials. And widely used to remove resin mold burn marks, scales, rust, scratches, dents and chuck marks cleaning treatment; Also suitable for removing paint, electroplating and coating, by adjusting the high elasticity of rubber material, thus preventing machining scratches.

Cylinder Head Grinding Machine for Sale

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    Working Principle of Cylinder Head Grinding Machine

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    Videos / Image Gallery Of Cylinder Head Grinding Machine

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