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Cartridge Rolls - Cylinder Shape (CL)

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Cartridge Roll gives you easy access to small, hard-to-reach spaces for sanding and finishing. As the outermost abrasive layer wears down, the cloth backing frays to expose fresh abrasive layers for the continued cutting action. It has a closed coat of aluminum oxide abrasive secured with a heat-resistant resin bond.

Shape Chart of Cartridge Rolls - Cylinder Shape (CL)

Shape Chart of Cartridge Rolls - Cylinder Shape (CL)

Cartridge Rolls-Cylinder Shape (CL) Cartridge Rolls Size Table

Cartridge Rolls-Cylinder Shape (CL) Cartridge Rolls Size Table

Cartridge Rolls - Cylinder Shape (CL) Specification:

  • Type: No Shank

  • Shape: Cylinder Shape

  • Max. RPM: 12000~25000 RPM

  • Outer Diameter: 7mm/9mm/10mm/12mm/13mm/15mm/19mm/20mm

  • Raw Materials: Aluminum Oxide(AO), Zirconia(Z)

  • Grit Size: 40#/60#/80#/100#/120#/150#/180#/240#/320#/400#/600#

Safety Warning of Cartridge Rolls - Cylinder Shape (CL)



Safety Warning:

The clamping length between shank and grinders should be more than 15mm.

Never exceed the maximum safe speed when the shank is extra long. Try to consult your sales to check the safety rotating speed before use.

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