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Sandpaper Disc - Round 15 (R15)

sandpaper disc round 15 r15

For universal grinding work from coarse to fine grinding in industry and professional trades.The wide range of different grains makes this range outstandingly suited to fine and very fine grinding, and for step-by-step preparations for polishing. Suitable for universal use on virtually all materials.

Shape Chart of Sandpaper Disc - Round 15 (R15)

Shape Chart of Sandpaper Disc - Round 15 (R15)

Specification of Sandpaper Disc - Round 15 (R15):

  • Shape: Round

  • Hole Type: 15 Holes

  • Outer Diameter: 100mm/115mm/125mm/150mm

  • Raw Materials: Aluminium oxide/Silicon Carbide/Zirconia aluminium

  • Grit Size: 40#~2000#

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