7 Inch (180mm) Fibre Disc

7 fibre disc
  • KEYING fiber discs are offered in various types to meet different application needs.

  • 2 different materials: Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide 

  • Generally from 16 grit to 120 grit

  • From 100mm diameter to 230mm diameter

  • Various types such as 4 slotted,8slotted,6slitted, and flap.

Specifications of 7" (180mm) Fibre Disc

Size7" (180mm)BrandKeyingCodeFSFS401+Flat+7"+Grit+AO
BackingStandard Cotton ClothOriginMade In ChinaGrain TypeAluminia Oxide/Silicon Carbide/Zirconia/Ceramic
Maximum RPM15300Minimium Order Quantity10000pcsCompatible Tool

Flexible Shaft Drives

Straight Grinders

Angle Grinders

Cordless Angle Grinders

Hole PatternOne HoleStandard Of Packing25pcs

Table of 7" (180mm) Fibre Disc

Table of 7

Features of 7" (180mm) Fibre Disc

  • Ideal for anding non-ferrous metals, glass, stone, granite, ceramic and wood materials.

  • Having standard vulcanized fibre backing and Silicon Carbide abrasive grains.


  • Versatile

  • High performance for stock removal

  • Long lifetime

  • A versatile all-round product

  • Excellent price/performance ratio

7" (180mm) Fibre Disc Applicable Industries

Heavy Duty Application

  • Roughing

  • Surface fabricating

  • Cleaning

  • Step-by-step fine grinding


Surface Can Be Used on

  • Mrtal

  • Wood

  • Paintwork

  • Plastic


Matching Tool Drives

  • Sanders


Safety Instructions of 7" (180mm) Fibre Disc

How To 7" (180mm) Fibre Disc


Safety Instructions of 7" (180mm) Fibre Disc

Safety Warning:

The clamping lenght between shank and grinders should be more than 15mm.

Never exceed the maximum safe speed when the shank is extra long. Try to consult your sales to check the safety rotating speed before use.

If you have any questions, please contact us immediately
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