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Size :8 Inch (200mm)

Keying 8-inch Abrasive discs including Velcro-backed abrasive disc, Self-adhesive Disc.

Size :8 Inch (200mm)

What tools can 8 Inch abraisve discs uselly apply with?

-Backing pads

Types Of 8 Inch Abrasive Discs

8 Inch (180mm) Self-adhesive Disc
8 Inch (180mm) Self-adhesive Disc

Keying 8 inch Abrasive discs inluding Self-adhesive Disc,Velcro Abraisve DISC.What tools can 8 Inch abraisve discs uselly apply with?-Backing pads

8 Inch (180mm) Velcro Abraisve DISC
8 Inch (180mm) Velcro Abraisve DISC

KEYING manufactures Self-adhesive Disc, our production is about reprocessing jumbo rolls of SCM, then finally changing into unique smaller sizes SCM grinding and polishing tools. They are adaptable to...

Oil Stone

Working Principle

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