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Keying Abrasives sales representatives and technical advisors will dedicate their expertise to assisting with your inquiry. We will personally ensure that a solution is found promptly and to your full satisfaction. You may want to try the following options for getting in contact with our team:

For inquiries before placing an order, go to Presale:

For order place, go to Sales:

For feedback and suggestions, go to Customer Services:

To contact the top manager to negotiate, go to Global market sales manager:

If you have a very urgent issue and want to call us directly, dell +86(0)576 86711667 (international)

For Local Partners and international customers in China, dell 4001018698 or 0576-86711667

1. Contact Address 

Keying Abrasives

No. 7 Songshan Road, Wenxi Industrial District, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, China


Telephone: +86(0)576-86711667


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Send us an inquiry directly 

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About Adulterated

Keying adopts a zero-tolerance attitude towards corruption, violations of the principle of fair competition, and other illegal activities, and also refuse fake products to enter the market. We will take prompt action when such acts occur and will welcome whistle-blowers make contribute to the report, we will fully make sure the information protection, is fully investigated and clarified. At 

Keying Abrasives provide different channels for internal and external whistleblowers to inform us of possible violations. If you have compliance questions related to your day-to-day business, please contact us via the compliance hotline (China):4001018698, overseas markets: +86(0)576-86711667

If you would like to report any non-compliance, please contact: +86-15067699991

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