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How to Take Good Preventive Measures for the Fragmentation of Grinding Wheels?

Dec 20-2017

Grinding wheels are widely used in various construction industries and are the most common and commonly used cutting and grinding tools. So, how should we properly prevent the fracture of grinding wheels for the sake of our safety during construction and storage? Let me explain.

According to the abrasives, grinding wheels can be divided into ordinary abrasives and natural abrasives

Ordinary abrasives

Ordinary abrasives refer to brown corundum, white corundum, black corundum, zirconium corundum, chromium corundum, monocrystalline corundum, silicon carbide, etc. The grinding wheels made of these abrasives are commonly known as resin grinding wheels. Resin grinding wheels have high strength, certain elasticity, low heat resistance, good self-sharpening, and a short process cycle. If you usually need to grind heat-resistant stainless steel, metal materials, ceramic products, glass products, brown iron ore, high-speed steel, alloy tools, and other metal products, resin grinding wheels are definitely the best choice.

Natural abrasives

Natural abrasives refer to diamond, cubic boron nitride, etc. Diamond is the hardest substance, and it has the strongest refractive power for light. At the same time, diamond also has excellent characteristics such as strength, thermal conductivity, sound velocity, small sliding friction coefficient, chemical stability, hydrophobicity, thermal stability, and graphitization. Therefore, the strength of diamond grinding wheels is higher than that of resin grinding wheels, which are suitable for the grinding of brittle materials and hard alloy materials, as well as the cutting operations of floor, stone, ceramic tiles, and other materials.

Precautions for preventing the fracture of grinding wheels

Inspection and testing of surface cracks

Before storing new grinding wheels in the warehouse, the appearance of the grinding wheels should be checked to see if they are broken, whether there are cracks on the surface, and whether the grinding wheels are kept dry. It is best to test the grinding wheels before use and observe whether the strength of the grinding wheels meets the standard during operation.

Transportation and storage

During the transportation of grinding wheels, they should not be damp or soaked in water, because the strength of grinding wheels will decrease after they encounter water, and uneven water absorption will also affect the balance of grinding wheels. The humidity of the storage environment should not be too high, and the warehouse should be kept dry as much as possible.

Rotational speed of grinding wheels

During operation, the rotational speed of grinding wheels should not exceed the maximum rotational speed indicated by the grinding wheel manufacturer. The rotational speed of grinding wheels should match the speed of the machine. Excessive rotational speed will not only affect the cutting of objects but also cause the mounted point grinding wheels to lose balance, leading to dangerous accidents such as flying debris.


In construction, we should take good protective measures, install high-strength protective devices on cutting machines, and wear gloves and protective helmets to prevent the explosion of grinding wheels.

Above are the summarized preventive measures. We should know that although grinding wheel manufacturers have taken various preventive measures, we should not take it lightly, as improper storage and operation can also lead to accidents!

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