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On The Difference Between Hundred Blade And Angle Grinding Blade

Dec 20-2017

The application of the louver is still very wide, generally applicable to metal, non-metal, glass, wood, fiberglass, ceramics, natural stone, rock plate and other processing purposes of the field of polishing, cutting grinding, can use it. In all walks of life on the louvers of the scientific name of different methods, but also widely known as paint removal angle grinder attachment, a hundred pages, grinding sheet, etc., the following Keying to talk about the specific characteristics and advantages of the louvers for you.

The louvers are made of abrasive as raw material, resin as binding agent and glass fiber mesh to make enhanced high-speed grinding tools. The back base of the hundred blade has a variety of materials, such as mesh, nylon, plastic, metal, etc., the material and number of pages is also diverse. The size of the blade is usually between 36#-600#, commonly 60#, 80#, 120#, the outer diameter of the blade is 100mm 4", 115mm 4.5", 125mm 5", 150mm 6" and 180mm 7". When used, it needs to be mounted on angle grinder paint removal or custom electric/pneumatic tools, and is commonly used for grinding weld seams, square edge burrs, rust removal and polishing and other processing purposes.

The Advantages And Applications Of 100 Blades

The characteristics of the hundred blades are good elasticity, high efficiency, good heat dissipation, low noise, compared with the grinding blade, the hundred blades have higher elasticity and tensile and bending strength. It is a good helper to polish the weld seam and the flying edge of the stamping parts inside the box. Widely used in the grinding and polishing treatment of various stainless steel and carbon steel structural parts. In processing stainless steel workpiece, alumina, calcined alumina, zirconium corundum, ceramic and other materials louvers are especially suitable.

Features of Hundred Blade And Angle Grinding Blade

The high tensile, impact and bending strength of china abrasive discs is widely used for grinding and descaling of various metal and non-metal materials with high speed and economy. The abrasive blades have high impact resistance and high grinding rate, and they are also very convenient and safe to use.

After reading the above summary, I believe you must have an understanding of the louvre blade! If you have other questions about the louver, you can also consult Keying, we will answer for you one by one.

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