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What Are the Differences Between Abrasive Cutting Discs and Sanding Discs?

Dec 20-2017

Cutting discs are reinforced composite materials made of glass fiber and resin, with high tensile, impact, and bending strength. They are widely used in the production of ordinary steel, stainless steel, and non-metallic materials to effectively cut materials with high efficiency and cost-effectiveness thanks to excellent materials and superb craftsmanship. So what makes abrasive cutting discs different from sanding discs?

Differences between abrasive cutting discs and sanding discs

  • The cutting disc is only used for cutting, with most of them being parallel and relatively thin, though some diamond cutting discs with special shapes will contain a substrate. Overall, it is mainly used for cutting.

  • The sand paper disk is generally understood as being able to cut and grind. The thickness also plays a role, with thinner sanding discs mainly used for cutting while thicker ones mainly used for grinding. Of course, angle grinder grinding discs used in the hardware and building materials industry can also be used for polishing, making the function and use of sanding discs more extensive.

  • Sanding discs are the main type of abrasive tool used in grinding. sanding discs are made of porous bodies by adding a binder to abrasive materials and then pressing, drying, and roasting them.

  • Cutting discs are a type of sanding disc, made of abrasives and binding agents like resin and used for thin blades of ordinary steel, stainless steel, and non-metallic materials.

What safety precautions should be taken when using abrasive cutting discs?

The hardest material used in cutting discs is diamond, which is mainly made up of a substrate and cutting edge. The substrate is the main supporting component of the glued cutting edge, while the cutting edge is the part that cuts during use and will gradually wear over time, while the substrate remains unchanged. Cutting disc manufacturers remind users to pay attention to some safety issues when using cutting discs:

  • During operation, if the cutting disc is damaged, it must be immediately stopped and replaced with a new one before resuming use. After cutting is complete, turn off the power supply first. Only take the object after the sanding disc is stopped to prevent injury from flying blades.

  • When replacing cutting parts, first turn off the power supply and hang warning signs. The cutting disc must be concentric and tight to prevent it from falling and causing injury.

  • It is strictly forbidden to grind objects on the cutting disc. If the hardness of the cutting disc is too low, the cutting efficiency will be greatly reduced, leading to wasted abrasive metal cutting disc. Diamond is currently the hardest material, and it is used to frictionally cut and process the object on the cutting disc. China abrasive manufacturers are actively producing high-quality cutting products to meet customer demands.

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