What Is the Chemical Composition of Flap Disc Mold Abrasives?

Dec 20-2017

We all know that the flap disc is suitable for grinding and polishing various stainless steel and carbon steel structural parts. It can be seen how high the hardness and wear resistance of its material are, so what is the chemical composition of the abrasive particles of the flap disc?

The chemical composition of the abrasive particles of the flap disc is:

A mixture of diamond and carbon. Diamond is commonly known as "diamond". It is the original form of diamond, which is a mineral composed of carbon elements and an allotrope of carbon. Diamond is currently the hardest substance found in many natural materials on the earth. Diamond has a wide range of uses, such as crafts and cutting tools in industry. Graphite can be transformed into artificial diamond under high temperature and high pressure. Due to its high hardness and strong stability, it is widely used in many industrial fields.

We all know that carbon has strong stability, so the combination of diamond and carbon can effectively ensure the durability of the abrasive products of the flap disc.

The method for judging the quality of the flap disc

The fully automatic flap disc forming machine combines various advantages and can be used to manufacture decorative pieces, etc. It has full functions and competitive prices. Special models of flap disc forming machines ensure the stability and usability of the machines. The value of any abrasive is determined by the quantity, quality, and consumption cost (including abrasive costs, vulnerable parts costs, and labor costs) of the workpieces processed within a unit of time.

Currently, some high hardness abrasives (iron pellets, iron sand) on the market can also be quickly cleaned (or strengthened), with low abrasive prices, but these abrasives have high consumption, fragility, and easily cause premature wear of vulnerable parts in shot blasting equipment (resulting in downtime and increased maintenance costs). They have a very high operating cost and are not adopted. On the contrary, other abrasives, such as low hardness abrasives, have low consumption rates and prices, but they have long cleaning cycles, low productivity, waste of labor and operation time, and cannot be adopted either.

High-quality abrasive flap discs should meet the following requirements: long service life, fast cleaning (or strengthening), low use and maintenance costs, and stable effects.

Abrasive products can meet the requirements of grinding, polishing, and fine processing at various levels, mainly made of alumina, silicon carbide, ceramic particle abrasives, super abrasives, and diamond composite abrasives. You may want to choose the best grinding and polishing products for a specific job to match the characteristics of the grinding wheel components, including its grinding ability, bonding system, and application requirements. Koying abrasives focus on manufacturing a range of abrasive grinding, polishing, and dressing wheels and discs, focusing on quality, safety issues, fast grinding, and efficient production processing.

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