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Advantages and Applications of Drawing Wheel

Dec 20-2017

Wire drawing wheel is a type of grinding product that offers superior performance and is classified under grinding products. It is specifically designed for wire drawing of metal workpieces, particularly for stainless steel hardware, with high flexibility and adhesion. It features strong cutting force, clear patterns, high glossiness, and uniform and excellent wire drawing effect without blackening or requiring waxing. It is also wear-resistant, economical, and durable.

Wire drawing wheel is suitable for surface wire drawing of shaped wooden furniture lines, aluminum profiles, stainless steel, copper and other metal products, as well as surface treatment of concave and convex surfaces or pipe fittings. With coarse grains, non woven polishing wheel can produce snowflake patterns, wire drawing patterns, wave patterns, and quickly repair deep scratches with different accuracies. There are many types of wire drawing wheel products, including nylon non-woven wire drawing wheel, sand cloth wire drawing wheel, wool wire drawing wheel, rubber wire drawing wheel, and alloy steel wire drawing wheel.

Ⅰ. Advantages of wire drawing wheel

1. Good uniformity: After polishing and wire drawing, the wire path will not have varying depths, and the wire drawing is uniform and consistent, with fast production speed and high efficiency.

2. Good heat dissipation: The material adopts a three-dimensional structure with large pores and elasticity, so the workpiece surface will not turn black, change color, or leave residues due to overheating during grinding.

3. Wide range of applications: Suitable for stainless steel pipes, stainless steel plates, aluminum alloy materials, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel countertops, and stainless steel refrigerators.

4. Strong cutting force and more uniform and efficient wire drawing.

5. No burns on the workpiece, high finish, clear patterns, and straight lines.

6. Wear-resistant and durable with excellent quality.

Ⅱ. Market characteristics and product applications of industrial wire drawing wheel

Currently, the quality of wire drawing wheel products on the market varies greatly, with some products using imported raw materials from Italy, the United States, South Korea, and china abrasives. There are also various specifications and large price differences, with some products priced twice as much as others. The earliest imported Italian products had a size of 120*100*19, but due to fierce price competition, most manufacturers have made adjustments, with some factories producing sizes of 105*100 or 100*90, and the number of wire drawing fabrics also varies from 36 to 48 pieces. Currently, the hardness and raw material color of the raw materials are similar to Italian materials, but there is a significant difference in abrasive and elasticity. In other words, it is difficult to distinguish high-quality imitation Italian raw material products from their appearance.

Currently, wire drawing wheel has been widely applied in many fields, such as rust removal of metal plates, deburring, wire drawing of stainless steel plates, polishing, wire drawing satin processing of digital products, rough hair processing of furniture panels, and surface treatment of composite materials.

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