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Classification and Applications of Sandpaper Discs

Dec 20-2017

Sandpaper is mainly used for polishing objects. Sandpaper Disc is also sandpaper, which is a converted product of sandpaper. It has a circular shape and is made by sticking sandpaper rolls with velvet or double-sided adhesive, and then cutting them with a special circular die on a pressing machine, producing sandpaper discs.

Sandpaper is a material used for grinding. It is used to refine the surface of metal, wood and other materials to make it smooth and polished. It is usually made by sticking various abrasive particles to the base paper. According to different abrasive materials, there are diamond sandpaper, artificial diamond sandpaper, glass sandpaper and many other types. Dry sandpaper (wood sandpaper) is used to polish the surface of wood and bamboo. Waterproof sandpaper (water sandpaper) is used to polish the surface of metal or non-metallic workpieces in water or oil. The base paper is made of unbleached sulfate wood pulp, which is strong, abrasion-resistant and has good water resistance. The abrasive such as glass sand is glued to the base paper with glue and dried.

Classification of Sandpaper Discs

Sandpaper discs can be divided into two categories according to the adhesive material: adhesive sandpaper discs and velvet sandpaper discs (also known as self-adhesive sandpaper discs and pull velvet sandpaper discs); pull velvet sandpaper discs can be further divided into hole-free pull Velvet sandpaper discs and perforated velvet sandpaper discs. There are also other classification methods, such as size, common circular discs with a diameter of 4 inches, 5 inches, and 6 inches, with a diameter range of 23mm to 235mm. According to the sanding surface of the circular disc, common types include white sand surface circular disc, red sand surface circular disc, yellow sand surface circular disc, and rare blue sand surface circular disc and green circular sandpaper discs. In addition, sandpaper discs can also be classified by raw materials, such as silicon carbide sandpaper discs and brown corundum sandpaper discs. Silicon carbide sandpaper discs can be divided into green silicon carbide sandpaper discs and black silicon carbide sandpaper discs. Brown corundum sandpaper discs can be divided into ordinary brown corundum sandpaper discs, calcined brown corundum sandpaper, iridium-plated brown corundum sandpaper discs, semi-brittle corundum sandpaper discs, etc.

Application of Sandpaper Disc

Sandpaper discs are industrial products, and many people may not be very familiar with them. However, the application of sandpaper disc is extensive. From aerospace to the mobile phones and computers we use, sandpaper discs are used in the production process. Some components of spacecraft require fine sanding with sandpaper discs. The body also needs to be sanded with sandpaper discs before spraying paint, otherwise the paint will peel off. Take the most common laptop computers as an example, the exquisite appearance color cannot be achieved without the fine sanding of sandpaper discs. Sandpaper disc can also be used for polishing hardware accessories, plastics, electronics, automotive parts, furniture, handicrafts, etc. At the same time, sandpaper discs are highly efficient for polishing products, and are faster, more convenient, and less wasteful than conventional manual sanding methods.

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