About Flex And Relax Inner Hole / Inner Circle Grinding And Polishing

Dec 20-2017

The common problems encountered in inner hole / inner circle polishing are that the product can not touch the workpiece processing surface, can not be polished without dead corners in all directions, the product can not go deep to the bottom, and the shape does not correspond to each other.

For inner hole and inner circle polishing, the main polishing wheel series of KEYING Abrasives can solve most difficulties in fine machining. During inner hole polishing, users often have a smaller selection of grinding accessories due to the limitation of workpiece aperture. The minimum diameter of KEYING Flap Wheel can be 8mm, and the minimum diameter of Granule Rubber Mounted Head, Rubber Mounted Point, Corundum Mounted Head and Wool Felt Wheel can be 3mm. The wear resistance has also been greatly improved with technological progress and raw material optimization, which can help users reduce the frequency of rest and replacement.

In the grinding process, the user is confused, "the grinding productivity is low and the surface is not smooth". The accuracy and finish of the workpiece surface usually cannot achieve the mirror like effect through a particle grit or a product, such as from 0.6 μm to 0.05 μm. This process requires a variety of materials and particle grit to achieve the final effect. The feed rate in this case depends on the positioning of the finish of the workpiece surface and the selection of product particle grit.

When the inner hole is very deep, the conventional size of the product cannot go deep. At this time, the customer needs to customize the product. The specific situation can develop Abrasives according to the customer's requirements.

During inner circle grinding, the grinding efficiency is low and the difficulty is increased due to poor air circulation and weak heat dissipation in the internal space. At this time, users need to select products with soft texture, coarse particle size number and page wheel process for operation adjustment.

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