Characteristics and Applications of the Unmounted Flap Wheels

Dec 20-2017

As a member of the polishing material family, Unmounted flap wheel is named because its finished product is made of hundreds or thousands of cloth pieces bonded together. The finished product has advantages such as good wear resistance, high elasticity, sharp cutting, high safety, and simple operation. Its production process is based on the requirements of the processed workpiece, using abrasives such as corundum and silicon carbide as polishing materials. The special-treated cloth base material is cut into sand belts of the required size, and then the sand belts are fixed between the upper and lower chucks by opening grooves on the upper and lower chucks. L-shaped buckle grooves and fastening rings are respectively set at the two ends of the inner side of the sand belt, and the fastening rings are fixedly connected with the buckle grooves. The fastening rings are bonded and solidified together with the buckle grooves by adhesive, and finally become Unmounted flap wheel.

Unmounted flap wheel is generally used for grinding and polishing operations on various automatic polishing machines. It can save more time than manual grinding and is an excellent polishing material with good surface treatment effect.

Characteristics of Unmounted Flap Wheel Products

The working surface of Unmounted flap wheel products is hard and wear-resistant, with strong elasticity. It has the characteristics of sharp cutting, high processing efficiency, no workpiece burning, stable physical and chemical properties, high safety, and convenient continuous operation. It can save more time than manual grinding and is the best mass grinding product for surface treatment.

Application of Unmounted Flap Wheel Products

Suitable for surface large-area rough polishing, grinding, rust removal, and grinding in various fields such as stainless steel, metal, wood, furniture, and stone. It can be used for polishing and shaping of irregular surfaces, rust removal and grinding of various materials in mechanical manufacturing, with high polishing efficiency and long service life. This product is commonly used in automobile manufacturing, heavy machinery, ship repair, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, hardware, and decoration industries.

Maintenance Methods of Unmounted Flap Wheel

If there are impurities on the Unmounted flap wheel and the clearance is too small, you only need to remove the dirt and check for any damage inside. If there is any damage, repair or replace it in time.

Bearing wear of Unmounted flap wheel can cause the clearance to increase, and the bearings must be replaced when necessary.

If the gear of Unmounted flap wheel is not firmly connected and cannot maintain synchronous rotation, it is necessary to reassemble the gear, and the contact area of the taper connection should reach 75%.

Gear wear and large backlash are common problems for fans, especially for blowers that have been used for a long time. Adjust the gear backlash. If the gear backlash is more than 30% to 50% of the average value, it should be replaced.

The Unmounted flap wheel must be properly packaged and avoid compression during transportation, and it should be stored in a ventilated and dry place to avoid being exposed and damp.

Proper maintenance is very helpful for extending the life of Unmounted flap wheel and exerting its best performance. Of course, safety and standardized use should also be emphasized when using Unmounted flap wheel.

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