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Factors Influencing the Performance of Flap Discs

Dec 20-2017

Basic knowledge of flap discs

With the rapid development of the abrasives industry, there are now many types of abrasives, but the most widely used abrasive is the blade. The blade is a major variety of coated abrasive conversion products, which is made by adhering the cut coated abrasive sheets one by one along the circumference with adhesive on the back cover plate. It is an essential product in industrial production.

Flap discs are mainly installed on handheld power tools for grinding and polishing various metal and non-metal parts, such as welding seams, burrs, chamfers, surface rust removal, and surface polishing. It completes the grinding and polishing in one step compared with the bonded abrasive resin grinding wheel.

The factors affecting the performance of flap discs

Flap discs, also known as louver wheels or elastic grinding discs, are made of bonded abrasive sheets such as plastic and fiber mesh covers. They belong to coated abrasives. Flap discs are suitable for grinding welds inside boxes and deburring stamped parts, and are used for grinding and polishing various stainless steel and carbon steel structural parts. The performance of flap discs is not uniform, so what factors determine the performance of flap discs?

  • Abrasives: Abrasives are important raw materials for making grinding wheels and are mainly responsible for cutting. Therefore, the abrasives must be sharp and have high hardness, good heat resistance, and stable toughness.

  • Particle size: Particle size refers to the size of abrasive particles. The particle size is divided into grinding grains and micro powder.

① Abrasives with a particle size greater than 40μm are called grinding grains;

② Abrasives with a particle size less than 40μm are called micro powder.

Generally speaking, the finer the particle size of the grinding grains, the better the surface roughness of the grinding.

  • Binder: The material used to bond the abrasive in the grinding wheel is called the binder. The strength, impact resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance of the grinding wheel largely depend on the performance of the binder.

  • Hardness: The hardness of flap discs refers to the ease of detachment of abrasive particles under the action of grinding force. The softer the hardness of the flap discs, the easier the abrasive particles will detach; the harder the hardness, the harder it is for the abrasive particles to detach.

The hardness of the flap discs and the hardness of the abrasive are two different concepts. Flap discs as grinding and polishing tools have brought great convenience to industrial manufacturing, and the market consumption of flap discs is still huge, and it is expected to continue to rise in the future.

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