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Introduction to the Service Life of Grinding Wheels

Dec 20-2017

Grinding wheels are believed to be familiar to everyone. They can be frequently seen in industrial production, construction and other operations. When using grinding wheels, people not only are concerned about the quality and safety issues, but also consider the lifespan and durability of the grinding wheels. Today, let's talk about the lifespan of grinding wheels.

Selection of grinding wheels

Different types of grinding wheels are suitable for different workpiece materials. For example, resin grinding wheels are widely used in various grinding operations such as flat grinding, centerless grinding and internal grinding due to their good grinding smoothness and effective prevention of workpiece burn. They are ideal grinding tools for superheat-resistant stainless steel, metal ceramics, ceramic products, glass products, brown iron ore, high-speed steel, alloy tools, and many other new superhard materials. However, when performing tasks such as concrete cutting and slotting, the grinding efficiency of resin grinding wheels is relatively poor, and diamond grinding wheels with higher hardness must be used. If resin grinding wheels are forcibly used, not only the grinding efficiency will be affected, but also the lifespan of the grinding wheels will be greatly reduced.

Rotational speed during the use of grinding wheels

The rotational speed of grinding wheels should be adjusted according to the type of grinding wheels, the grinding method and the workpiece material. Mismatched rotational speed will directly affect the lifespan of grinding wheels and possibly cause workpiece burn.

Issues to note when using grinding wheels in daily life

When the cutting is not sharp, the cutting edge of the grinding wheel should be re-dressed. Continuing to use it will result in overheating, overload, and damage to the cutting wheel. Also, pay attention to not use the grinding wheel cutting wheel for operations other than slotting or cutting, in order to avoid abnormal situations due to uneven force.

During the rotation of the cutting wheel, it is strictly forbidden to use hands to operate or contact the cutting wheel with hands or body. If any anomalies are found during the cutting process, the machine should be immediately stopped. Also, when the cutting wheel is marked with a rotation direction, it should be consistent with the rotation direction of the machine tool. Otherwise, the cutting will not be sharp, and the performance of the cutting wheel will be difficult to exert.

If a cutting wheel is used that does not match the workpiece being cut, abnormal wear, poor sharpness, excessive heat, etc. may occur. In addition, pay attention to the size and accuracy of the flange. If it is too small or has poor accuracy, it can damage the cutting wheel. Improve it before use.

Before installing the grinding wheel to cut metal, carefully check whether it is deformed, cracked, chipped, etc.

The above are the most important factors that affect the lifespan of grinding wheels in our daily use. Of course, excessive dressing of the grinding wheel and the quality of the grinding wheel will also affect its lifespan. When using grinding wheels, the diameter of the grinding wheel should be replaced when it is worn to one-third, and safety should not be overlooked for the sake of material saving.

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