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To Reveal The Difference Between Grinding And Polishing

Dec 20-2017

Generally, people in the industry know more or less the difference between grinding and polishing, but ordinary people are not so familiar with it. Today Keying china abrasives will talk about it for you specifically!

First, The Nature Of Grinding And Polishing Is Different

1, grinding: the use of abrasive particles coated or embedded in the grinding tool, through the relative movement of the grinding tool such as the grinding wheel paint removal and the workpiece under a certain pressure on the processing surface finishing process.

2, polishing: the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece, in order to obtain a bright, flat surface processing methods.

Second, The Process Of Grinding And Polishing Different

1, grinding: grinding can be used to process a variety of metal and non-metallic materials, processing the surface shape of the plane, internal and external cylindrical surface through cylinder head grinding and conical surface, convex and concave spherical surface, thread, tooth surface and other types of surface. Machining accuracy up to IT5 ~ IT01, surface roughness up to Ra0.63 ~ 0.01 micron.

2, polishing: polishing, high-speed rotation of the polishing wheel (circumferential speed of 20 m / s or more) pressed to the workpiece, so that the abrasive on the surface of the workpiece roll and trace cutting, so as to obtain a bright processing surface, surface roughness is generally up to Ra0.63 ~ 0.01 microns; when using non-grease matting polish, can be matted to improve the appearance of the bright surface.

Third, The Application Of Grinding And Polishing Different

1, grinding: can process a variety of steel, hardened steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum and its alloys, carbide, ceramics, glass and some plastic products. Grinding is widely used in single-piece small batch production to process a variety of high-precision type surface, and can be used in mass production in large quantities.

2、Polishing: polishing can be processed flat and other simple type surface, for the surface can not be processed. If processing R arc, curved surface and other complex type surface, can use Hawkener polishing process.

The above is the difference between grinding and polishing, only for sharing. If you have other questions about grinding and polishing, you can also consult Keying, and we will answer them for you one by one.

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