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Dec 20-2017

The Miniature Unmounted Flap Wheel is the first product from Keying Abrasives, the first piece made in the year 1996.

It is different from the general Unmounted Flap Wheel which is usually with a diameter of 8mm-63mm, a central screw hole with M3, M6, and sometimes also can be 2.35mm and 3.175mm, 6.35mm, and 8mm.  It is unique to know as it's flexibility and adaptability with actual workpieces sizes, the most important way is about the quick change: position the shank in the grinder holder, screw the flap wheel into shank – and then you’re done. To release, the flap wheel on the head of the shank is screwed out from the shank. It’s so easy to change accessories on angle grinders. UNI-FLEX is a hot sale product in China, and in recent years becoming more popular in Russian and other Asian countries. It makes professionals’ work easier and increases productivity.

With the UNI-FLEX flap wheel for angle grinders, you can change tools quickly and easily instead of changing hole flap wheels by using the wrench. The most unique is that it is very flexible, the flap wheel is wrapped with fixed form, this guarantees that flap wheels can be entered into smaller inside holes, and will securely fit the surface of the object. For example, when you have 12mm inner hole parts that need to polishing and deburring, you will use 10mm(diameter) *10mm (height) UNI-FLEX flap wheels, the actual diameter size of it is around 11.5mm-12.8mm during the grinder is processing. It can help you put the flap wheels into an inner hole easily and comfortably, meanwhile can fit in the surface of the hole during it works.


▶ Quick and easy tool changes

▶ Tools are fixed in the inner surface perfectly

▶ UNI-FLEX can be used on conventional angle grinders with M3, M6, M8


☞PDF of the UNI-FLEX catalog

☞Video About how to use and apply

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