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What Does the Grit Number of Grinding Wheel Mean?

Dec 20-2017

When using grinding wheels or purchasing grinding wheels, you often see the grit number of the grinding wheel. So what does this grit number represent? Today, let's give you some knowledge about it.

Meaning of grit number of grinding wheel

The grit number of the grinding wheel refers to the size of the abrasive particle size, which is divided into abrasive particles and micro-particles according to the size. The particles with a size larger than 40μm are called abrasive particles, and those with a size smaller than 40μm are called micro-particles. The grit size of 60 means that the size of the abrasive particle can just pass through a sieve with 60 holes per inch, and the grit size of 600 means that the size of the abrasive particle can pass through a sieve with 600 holes per inch.

The grit number of the grinding wheel is mainly related to the surface roughness of the workpiece during grinding and processing. During rough grinding, the grinding allowance is large and a larger surface roughness value is required. Therefore, a grinding wheel with a smaller grit number should be used so that the grinding wheel is not easy to clog and heat. During precision grinding, the roughness value of the workpiece surface is low, so a grinding wheel with a larger grit number should be selected. The finer the abrasive particle, the better the surface roughness of the workpiece.

Difference between black grinding wheels and green grinding wheels

First of all, the materials of the two colors of grinding wheels are different. The material of black grinding wheels is generally brown corundum, while the material of white grinding wheels is generally silicon carbide.

Secondly, the characteristics of the two colors of grinding wheels are different. Black grinding wheels are made of fired brown corundum, and the temperature during firing is higher than that of green grinding wheels. Therefore, their characteristic is very wear-resistant and durable. Green grinding wheels are fired at a relatively lower temperature, so they are not as durable as black grinding wheels, but because their material is silicon carbide, green grinding wheels are very sharp and have higher cutting efficiency than black cutting wheels.

When choosing grinding wheels, we should purchase suitable ones according to our own needs. This not only saves costs but also improves efficiency!

The above is the meaning and related knowledge of the grit number of grinding wheels. When purchasing grinding wheels, you can also select suitable ones based on the workpiece to be ground and the desired grinding effect.

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