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First Welcome Letter

Dec 20-2017

Dearest Customers and Clients,

Thank you to everyone who browse and visit our website and is interested in our products and brand @ Keying Abrasives. It was as difficult to throughout the answer as one, so Keying Abrasives Team would like to combine thousands of words to introduce our work and ideas briefly nicely here, if you have any further questions please feel free to visit the Contact Us page.

It is a long history to debate the quality made in China, the question of many of you would think in deep about “ would the quality good enough if I buy from this company? And what about as following orders?”I really understand this concern about balancing the quality and costs with being trustful and finding a long term manufacturer to help you implement your business decision and purchasing plan. Over many years, I have learnt and received some similar questions and wondering, I hope you find our answer and idea usefully.

Keying Abrasives’ founder Mr. Yunyue Liu was a master artisan of furniture producing and as an engineer of electronic equipment in 90s. In year 1997, Mr.Liu founded Jiahua Abrasive Tools Factory with idea to service industry fabricating market in China. At very beginning, the mission and task of us was how to make abrasive tools match the rapid growth speed of Chinese industry market, with almost following 10 years, Keying Abrasive was learning optimizing and updating manufacturing equipment and technologies, then imported advanced manufacturing system from Japan in 2006. Since then, Keying Abrasives has never stop keeping development and one of the most important mission is intensifying our effort to live up to the partners’ expectations. Although quality steady and maintain a competitive situation is challengeable and it takes a long team strategy and more effort to satisfy markets really needs and corporate identity, we have found the product itself moved forward on higher and higher level, comprehensively and simultaneously.

The debates and doubts of the gaining costs and quality made in China never stopped, Keying Abrasives however make effort to provide better valuable and quality abrasive tools by maintaining the costs and risks that can be controlled. Moreover, build a success business relationship will need to really understand customers needs and solve your problems.

Thank you to ready, we hope some of our answers have inspired you to find some of interests, this is about Keying Abrasives “ make your work more safe and fast”.

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